Online Yoga Challenges – Take Your Practice To The Next Level!

A great something to do it for yourself is doing yoga challenge for more than 10 days. Your body will get used different poses that increase your flexibility and strength then you can move to the next level easily. You can build a new habit to your life if you commit to practicing yoga every day. For me, I find yoga challenges big motivated to get me back onto the mat every day with so excited for new poses not like everyday routine.

Let’s start with the first yoga challenge in the list!

4-Week Yoga Challenge

This challenge from Bad Yogi channel on youtube introduced by Erin Maz. The length of the videos is around 20-minutes or less. Each week in a different location with a different theme of yoga so you will learn a new thing every week!

Really this challenge is gorgeous, they choose beautiful locations for every week, super easy and enjoyable to incorporate into any daily routine.

The 30 Days of Yoga Challenge

From with the lovely teacher Jess Rose. In this challenge, Jess guides you through short videos (10-20 minute) to easy poses that can improve your flexibility, balance, and strength. This challenge is a great starting point for complete beginners and even for advanced practitioners.

Yoga With Adriene – 30 Days Of Yoga

In the yoga world, everyone knows Adriene. She has an expert knowledge of all things in yoga that you’ll be learning during this 30-day of yoga challenge on youtube. These 10-30 minute videoes will increases your skills and knowledge in yoga with an easy and funny way and it’s for all levels.


YOGABODY 20 Day Yoga Challenge

This is a small challenge with big benefits. It’s 3- 5 minutes a day focuses on learning different poses with different yoga teachers each day. This challenge is very good for busy people who didn’t have much time but they want to learn more about yoga.

Yoga Dose 30 Days Yoga Challenge

These 30 days of yoga with Tim, will challenge you to build strength, improve flexibility, and develop mindfulness on and off the mat. Every week there is a pranayama day, a day for practicing
breath and meditation.



Doing something for 30 days means that you are a strong and committed person.
So, no excuses it’s only 20 or 30 minutes a day and it’s totally free!
What are you waiting for? choose your challenge and start today NOW.
Enjoy practicing!

Thank you for stopping by!
If you have a yoga challenge that you do it before, I would be happy if you share it with us in the comments below!