The 5 Best Sports Bras For Yoga

In today post, I love to share with you the best 5 sports bras for yoga that make you forget everything and just focusing on your practice. They keep you supported and feeling very comfortable during your class.
Small advice: before you purchase, make sure to check the size chart for every yoga bra, don’t take your usual size “sometimes the size change from brand to another”.

The 5 Best Sports Bras For Yoga

Here are the most supportive and comfortable yoga bras with a beautiful design.
And they are less than $30!
Let’s start with the first yoga bra 🙂


1- Queenie Ke Women’s Yoga Bra

Type: Multi-strap Racerback.
Fabric: Sweat-wicking fabric, four-way stretch.
Price: $9.99 – $21.99

This sports bra designed for yoga, comfy, thick, and very supportive. Removable pads let you choose extra concealment. A beautiful cross back straps reduce shoulder pressure, and you can wear it outside of the studio as well. Comes in 22 several different color options, some of them have a pattern (very cute!)

2- AKAMC Women’s Sports Bras

Type: Multi-strap Racerback.
Fabric: Breathable and moisture-wicking.
Price: $15.99 – $20.99

I love these bras, not just for yoga they are very soft and comfortable to wear them all day. They fit nicely and provide good support, plus it’s breathable. Pads are easy to remove and reinsert. Great price for 3 bras.

3- FITTIN Racerback Sports Bras

Type: Multi-strap Racerback.
Fabric: Breathable fabric.
Price: $9.89 – $29.99

Another great bra for yoga, it holds everything in place and offering good support “support a bigger chest”. Very soft and comfy fabric will make sure you’re comfortable no matter the pose. It comes in so many fun colors.
You can see the padding, I recommend to wear a shirt over it.

4- Lemef 3-Pack Seamless Sports Bra

Type: Multiple designs (Curve-hugging design, Vest-style, Racerback design, X-style back).
Fabric: High-quality fabric makes a comfortable, smooth and breathable shell.
Price: $16.99 – $18.99

I love this bra from Lemef. Very comfortable, soft, and breathable keeping you well-ventilated and secure. It’s sized like a regular bra.

5- CRZ YOGA Women’s yoga Sport Bra

Type: Double cross back straps.
Fabric: Quick-drying fabric keeps you cool and dry.
Price: $16.99 – $19.99

A beautiful yoga bra from CRZ YOGA. This bra has everything a cute design “I love the look of the crisscrossed straps”, a comfortable fabric makes it joy to wear on the mat, plenty of support, and good price!