Best way to start YOGA – 6 tips for beginners


If you want to increase your fitness without exhaustion to carry heavy weights, or you want to control your emotions, you can simply practice yoga, there are a lot of benefits you will discover it after entering yoga in your daily life. And the following is a set of tips that show you the perfect way to start in yoga.

1) Do your research

There are many options in yoga, you should study it well and determine what you want from exercises to determine the best method for you.

2) Exercise with an open mind

Exercise while carefully following the instructions of your teacher.

3) Ask questions

Ask before and after class to better understand. Yoga can teach us much, but maybe you will have different questions, ask your teachers so they can help you.

4) Breathing

Breathing is a tool for controlling stress, and in yoga lessons, you will learn how to use this tool and improve your breathing, then you can adjust your emotions such as anxiety and stress successfully.

5) Don’t forget to drink water

Drink a lot of water before, during, and after your practice to live hydrated.

6) Relax

It is important to relax 10 minutes before the end of training. Relaxation allows the muscles, and tendons to recover after different positions.


Be ready with your yoga mat, a comfortable shoe, a towel, and a bottle of water then ENJOY!


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