9 Popular Couple Yoga Poses

Couple Yoga


Yoga offers several benefits to your body, mind, and spirit. It can significantly improve your lifestyle by improving your health and overall well-being. Yoga is an excellent option to boost mood, relieve stress and anxiety, and become healthier.

If you’ve been practicing solo yoga for some time now, you may want to level up and start practicing yoga with a partner. Couple yoga gives you a chance to spend time with your significant other, allowing you to create a unique bond and connection. After all, it releases stress and tension that would otherwise get in the way of having quality time.

This article provides you with an easy-to-follow guide for couples’ poses. If you’re ready to take your yoga journey and relationships to the next level, this guide can be a great place to start.

Couple Yoga Poses- Why They’re Good

According to Harvard Medical School, regularly practicing yoga decreases perceived anxiety and stress to modulate your stress response system. In turn, it reduces physiological arousal. In a broader sense, you experience lower blood pressure, easy respiration, and a reduced heart rate. While the positions help with physical health, techniques like mantra chanting, meditation, and breathwork relieve emotional and mental stress and tension.

Partners make yoga more exciting but also ensure a rewarding experience each time. Couple yoga intensifies the experience while providing you with a chance to improve your relationship and improve your bond. Here are some of the benefits that come with partner yoga.

  • Increases trust and communication: Couple yoga poses strive for cooperation. It encourages partners to physically and emotionally trust and support each other.
  • Develops Honesty: Yoga improves tolerance and self-awareness while intensifying positive emotions. As yoga allows you to connect with yourself, it creates an opportunity to create an honest and authentic environment with your partner.
  • Creates Positive Memories and Experiences: When practicing couple yoga, you are also creating new memories. Yoga provides a positive experience that you and your partner can cherish.
  • Improves Sex Life: Couple yoga allows partners to bond with each other. And as your breath syncs with your partner’s, it creates an intimate envriornment where you can strengthen your relationship. The synchronization and body’s physical responses can significantly improve a couple’s sex life.

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Popular Couple Yoga Poses to Try

Couple yoga helps individuals grow more trust and establish a stronger relationship. Let’s look at some of the best couple yoga poses for beginners and experienced yogis.

1.      Temple

Temple couple yoga pose helps open up the chest and shoulder. It is a fun position that will help you and your partner establish more trust. The pose is also quite fun and entertaining. Here is how to do the temple couple yoga pose.

  • Start by standing straight and facing your partner
  • Your feet should be shoulder-width apart
  • Inhale as both of you extend your arms overhead
  • From this position, fold your body toward your partner as they do the same
  • Stop when your hands meet your partner’s hands
  • Now fold forward and bring your hands, forearms, and elbows together
  • As you, both rest against each other, make sure the weight is equal on both ends
  • Push your arms and press your hands, so your torso releases towards the floor
  • Start walking towards each another, slowly releasing your arms down

2.      Partner Forward Fold

  • It is an easy yoga pose for partners that helps stretch the hamstrings. Besides offering plenty of physical health benefits, it also helps you make delightful memories with your partner. Here is how to do the partner forward fold couple yoga pose.
  • Start by facing each other from a seated position
  • Extend your legs forming a V shape
  • Make sure your legs are straight and wide apart
  • Let the soles of your feet touch your partner’s and lift your kneecaps
  • Extend your arms towards your partner and grip each other’s arms with your palms
  • Inhale and elongate your spine as you do it
  • Exhale as one of you slowly hinges forward from the hips (you will sit back with your arms and spine straight if your partner is doing that)
  • Gently pull your partner towards your body until you feel your hamstring muscles stretch
  • Now relax in the pose, holding it for five breaths, at least
  • In sync with your partner, slowly get back to the starting position
  • Repeat the pose swapping positions with your partner
  • If your partner bent forward first, it’s your turn now
  • Hold the position and repeat the sequence a few times

3.      Chair Pose

  • Chair Pose is an interesting couple yoga pose that many couples find fun. It strengthens the quads while improving the body’s posture. This yoga pose also helps improve communication. Here is how to do the chair pose to establish trust with your partner and strengthen your relationship.
  • Start in a standing position with your feet hip-width apart, facing opposite directions
  • Stay close to your partner and let your back touch theirs
  • Start to walk out your feet slowly and take support from your partner’s back (both partners do this step at the same time)
  • You will need more stability, so interlace your arms with your partner for more comfort
  • Slowly, start squatting down into a chair pose (you and your partner should look like you both are sitting in chairs)
  • Make sure to communicate with your partner, to sync your movements
  • If you need, you can adjust your feet to get into the right position
  • Push against each other’s backs for stability and support
  • Hold the pose for five to seven breaths, at least
  • Start walking in to stand back up and get in the starting position
  • Repeat the couple yoga pose a few times, or do a challenge to see how long you can hold the chair pose

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4.      Double Downward Dog

  • Double Downward Dog is a restorative pose that helps lengthen your spine. It is also excellent for gaining focus and improving mind and body coordination with your partner. Here is how to do the double downward dog pose and gain physical, emotional, and mental health benefits.
  • Start from a tabletop position (both the partners do this)
  • Your shoulders should be over your wrists
  • Walk back on your feet and knees at a distance of five to six inches
  • Tuck in your toes so your weight is on the balls of your feet
  • Slowly start walking your feet and hands
  • Stop when it’s comfortable to walk back your feet to the sides of your lower back
  • Find your partner’s hips until both of you are comfortable and stable
  • Make sure to stay in touch through words as you transition from one position to the other
  • Hold this pose for five to seven breaths
  • Now one of you will slowly bend their knees
  • Then lower down the hips into a tabletop position
  • Now transition into the child pose by slowly releasing the feet on the floor
  • Swap the positions and repeat the couple yoga pose

5.      Boat Pose

  • Boat pose is an excellent couple yoga pose, but it may not be suitable for beginner yogis. The intermediate yoga pose helps stretch the hamstring muscles. It also helps stretch the lower back muscles, engaging the core. This yoga pose helps improve communication, coordination, and trust among partners. Here is how to do the boat pose.
  • Lay down your mat and sit on the opposite edges
  • Keep at least a half-leg distance between your and your partner’s legs
  • Gradually reach the outside of your hips and grab your partner’s hands
  • Bend your kneecaps but make sure to keep your spine straight
  • Slowly raise your legs and press the soles of your feet against your partner’s
  • Find balance by straightening your legs and bringing them higher toward the sky
  • This couple yoga pose may be hard to practice initially so practice by extending one leg at a time
  • Hold this position for five to seven breaths

6.      Double Plank

  • Double Plank looks like an easy couple yoga pose, but you will need a little practice and time to master it. However, it can do wonders for your and your partner’s health. Double Plank engages the core and helps improve overall strength. Here is how to do the double plank yoga pose to grow more trust in your relationship.
  • One of you will start the pose by getting in the plank position (it is usually the stronger or taller partner as it helps to create balance)
  • Make sure your wrists are directly under your shoulders, your core is balanced, and your legs are straight and comfortable
  • Now the next partner will get in the plank position on top of their partner who’s already doing a plank
  • They will step up over their partner’s hips
  • From standing, fold forward and bring your palms towards your partner’s feet
  • Grab their ankles
  • Straighten your arms and make sure your core is engaged
  • Lift one foot and place the top of your foot on your partner’s (who is already in a plank position) shoulders
  • Once you find balance, bring up your next leg and adjust your body into a plank position
  • Maintain straight arms and a steady grip on your partner
  • Don’t forget to squeeze your abs
  • Hold the plank for three to five breaths, depending on what feels comfortable to you
  • Then carefully release your body and step down

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7.      Square Pose

  • It is an interesting couple yoga pose, which soon becomes incredibly fun as you master it. The square pose stretches the hamstring muscles, opens up the shoulder and lower back, and strengthens the core. In addition, it improves coordination between partners. Here is how to do the Square pose to build more trust and communication with your partner.
  • Start by getting in the double plank position (you can modify it to your comfort level)
  • The partner at the base will sit up and raise their arms overhead
  • Meanwhile, the top partner will bend their hips
  • Ultimately, with a few adjustments, you both will be able to form a square
  • Once in the square position, hold the pose for a few breaths or as long as you can
  • Gently release and slowly come out of the position
  • Once you’ve mastered it, you can challenge yourself to perform sit-ups in this move

8.      Extended Forward Leg Pose

  • Doing the Extended Forward Leg Pose is an excellent way to improve your posture and improve your balance. This couple yoga pose requires coordination so it helps to build trust and intimacy between you and your partner. Here is how to do the extended forward leg pose.
  • Start in a standing position facing each other
  • Keep a distance of one leg between you and your partner
  • Raise your right leg towards your partner’s left hip
  • Your partner will do the same, lifting their right leg to your left hip
  • Make sure both of you keep your knees straight and feet flexed
  • Now grab your partner’s ankle (this will help you stay in place)
  • Hold the position for as long as you can
  • If you like challenges, raise your leg higher with your foot touching your partner’s shoulder (you can hold one another’s forearms for support)

9.      Warrior 3

  • It is a variation of the popular warrior yoga pose that helps improve balance. It also opens up the chest, back, and shoulders. What else? Warrior 3 couple yoga pose improves coordination and helps build trust and intimacy. Here is how to do the Warrior 3 pose.
  • Start in a standing position facing each other
  • Stay close to your partner so that your feet are parallel to your partner’s feet
  • Now spread your toes and firmly press your feet against the floor
  • Make sure your weight is evenly distributed
  • One of you will start moving their torso forward to get in the warrior position
  • Once stable, the second partner can go ahead and get in the warrior position as well
  • Now both the partners will wrap their arms toward each other’s thigh
  • Then hold onto one another’s calves
  • Press your hips together for support and stability
  • Make sure you both have a slight bend in both the knees
  • Hold the position for a few breaths or as long as you can
  • Then slowly lower your legs and fold forwards to release

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Do Yoga With A Partner?

Although group yoga is quite popular, not many people know that couple yoga poses exist. Practicing yoga poses are doable and can, in fact, double the benefits. Besides providing both partners with individual benefits, couple yoga strengthens the bond and improves the relationship.

Can Couple Yoga Poses Increase Intimacy?

Practicing yoga with a partner can synchronize your breath and heartbeat with your partner’s. It is a great way to build intimacy. Additionally, couple yoga also requires you to coordinate with your partner, helping you build trust.

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Just like group yoga enhances the benefits of yoga, couple yoga poses are excellent for romantic partners. Practicing yoga with your partner can improve coordination and help build trust. It also increases intimacy while both partners gain individual benefits. This article lists the nine most popular and beneficial couple yoga poses.