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Hot Asana has fitness apparel for all of your workout endeavors. Check out our fully stocked fitness boutique between 8am - 9pm every day!

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Hot Asana Has A Full Line Of Indo Yoga Boards, Take Your Class To A Whole New Level....

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Registration NOW OPEN for workshops with Kelly Green & Paige Held.

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Finding Freedom in Your Practice & Clarity in Your Life!

March 8-10 Weekend with Kelly Green and Paige Held- Finding Freedom in Your Practice and Clarity in Your Life.

Fri night 5:45-7:45pm- Fusion Flow- Lets Get Connected-Fusion Flow is a Vinyasa Flow style where one posture is meant to strategically flow to the next. Paige and Kelly strive to keep classes light and fun with music, inspiration, and a heartfelt message. Classes are aimed to empower and inspire. $50 for one session or $150 for the entire weekend of all 4!  Sign Up NOW!!

Sat 1:30-3:30pm-Ignite Agni- Finding your Bandhas and Core:
This workshop is designed to find the lightness in your practice. Fun exercises, standing poses, as well as inverted postures will be practiced in this class to help us understand our sacral center. We will learn about the samskaras (emotional imprints left on the sub conscious brain) and how we burn away these impurities through our tapas (discipline) to find more freedom in our practice and clarity in our life. Class is playful. All levels, especially the beginner/ intermediate student looking to excel in their practice are welcome. $50 for one session or $150 for the entire weekend of all 4!  Sign Up NOW!!

Sat 7:30-9:30pm- Funky Balances- Arm Balances with a Twist $50 for one session or $150 for the entire weekend of all 4!  Sign Up NOW!!

Sun 1:45-3:45pm- Bent Iversions- Back Bends, Inversions, and Bending your Inversion! $50 for one session or $150 for the entire weekend of all 4!  Sign Up NOW!!

Highly recommended- Entire Weekend only $150!  Sign Up NOW!!

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