Whether you are new to Yoga or new to our studio, we believe you deserve the best possible yoga experience available.Read this power-packed guide at your leisure, it will help your motivation skyrocket and equip you with plenty of great tips to get the most from your practice.


  • All of our teachers are either certified with Yoga Alliance and hold at least a 200 hour teacher training certificate, currently enrolled in a Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training Program, or have at least 3 years teaching experience. We want you to know that you are receiving a safe and well informed session EVERY time you come into our studio.
  • Most of our classes are held in a room that is heated.  The heat allows for greater flexibility, it minimizes muscle strain, lactic acid build up, reduces the chance of injury, allows for greater cleansing of the body and builds tremendous stamina and endurance.
  • The room is mirrored to allow for greater body awareness and to refine and deepen our postures with easy self-correction.


  • We believe in a positive, supportive environment. We want you to have an amazing experience every time you walk through our doors.
  • You will be encouraged to maximize the alignment in your postures; coached to reap the rewards of good deep breathing; coaxed to find ‘new places’ in your practice.
  • This is done extremely positively – no ‘drills’, shouting, no “No, no, no that’s wrong”. (Yes, sounds ridiculous, but there are yoga instructors who do this …. we don’t.)
  • We want our studio to be a sanctuary for you.  A place that you cannot wait to come to.  A place where you can be “You”.
  • We have a cozy seating area with wireless internet available, a complimentary “tea bar” for you to enjoy anytime you are here, complimentary fresh fruit is served after class and there are complimentary towels for your use.   Our well stocked bathroom has any essential you might need while you are here and there are complimentary plastic bags for you to take wet clothing or towels home with you.


Take all of the pressure off of yourself by having no expectations other than enjoying the decision you have made to come to class.

Brand new students will gain the most by arriving a few minutes early to sign in, asking questions, reading this information and relaxing before class begins.

You can always sign up for classes online and even enter your own personal information online before coming to the studio.  Just log onto our website atwww.hotasanastudio.com and click the link under “class schedule”.  You will be taken to our scheduling site and at the top right hand corner, there is a “new users sign in”.  Just following the instructions and you will be all set up.  If you prefer to wait until you arrive at the studio,  we can enter your information for you.

  • Make sure you drink plenty of water before (and after class).
  • It is best to minimize eating before class to light meals about 2-3 hours before yoga.
  • If you are attending a morning class and you feel you need to eat, having a light  breakfast – perhaps just non-citrus fruit – might help you. Heavy cereal or a full fried breakfast just does not mix well with yoga.


  • Your own yoga mat.
  • If you do not have your own mat, we will rent you one for $1,  but you will eventually want to own your own (especially when you realize how much we will sweat).
  • Yoga mats are available for purchase at the studio. The mats are made especially for yoga – and not too thick, so balance is more firm – but not so thin they are uncomfortable on the floor!  All of the mats at Hot Asana and are eco friendly, PVC free and adhesive free.
  • You will need your own LARGE beach towel  or “Yogitoes” to place on your mat. We have Yogitoes available for rent or purchase at our studio.
  • Face towels are complimentary at the studio and are recommended to wipe your brow with during class.
  • A  water bottle / sports bottle. If you would prefer, you can buy water at the studio.  We carry 16.9 oz bottles of Mountain Clear Spring water for $1 and 33.8 oz Smart Wr for $2.  We also carry 11.2 oz and 17 oz VitaCoCo Coconut Water.
  • Women: wear what you feel comfortable in.  Some women wear gym gear, yoga clothes or even shorts and a tee-shirt.  We have a fully stocked fitness boutique and can provide you with any gear you may need.  Our wonderful lines include lululemon, Hard Tail Forever, BlueFish Activewear, EnerChi and so much more.
  • Men: workout pants or shorts are fine.  Some men prefer to wear shirts, others do not.  We have a fully stocked fitness boutique and can provide you with any gear you may need. We carry the mens line of lululemon and our own line of Hot Asana men’s t-shirts.


If you are too tired or just need to take a break…

  • Calm your breath and heart rate at first by standing still, looking at yourself in the mirror and inhaling/exhaling through your nose.
  • If you sit down then keep your back straight and chest open to assist your breathing.
  • Always breathe in and out through your nose, mouth closed.
  • Feel free to stop and rest or lie down on your mat anytime.
  • This is a yoga class not a competition!

    Everyone’s ability in each posture will be different. You are guaranteed to reap the benefits of yoga by doing the best you can in each posture; respond to the instructions, concentrate on alignment and work to your level.


    1. Stay in the yoga room for the final relaxation pose (savasana) for as long as you need to warm down and allow your breathing and heart rate to return to normal. This helps to integrate all the great work you have completed in the last 60, 75 or 90 mins.
    2. You will be given a cool lavender cloth at the end of each hot class.  You can place this on your head, face or neck to cool off.  These towels are infused with lavender essential oil.   If you have any allergies to lavender, feel free to just leave the cloth on the floor.   You can also use these cloths after class to wipe down your yoga mat.
    3. We have a changing rooms and a bathroom for your convenience as well as a comfortable seating area with complimentary fruit and hot teas.  Please take your time leaving after class,  we LOVE to have clients hang around and visit after class.  We have a library of yoga books, the latest Yoga Journals and a comfortable space in which to enjoy them.

    We always have a time for students to cool down after class.  Time to mingle, pick up tips, meet new yogi friends – or just enjoy the rush of endorphins through your body!


    • Reactions the next day are varied. Some students never feel at all stiff, thanks to the beneficial effects of the heat, but should you feel a little stiff  then getting back into the yoga room with the heat and more stretching is the cure. Also try a hot bath or spa.
    • It’s best to get at least three classes into your first week – your mind will quickly overcome the challenge of the heated room, get to know the postures and you will be ready to yoga!
    • You will also begin noticing the benefits IMMEDIATELY – the perspiration releases toxins from your body and the fresh oxygenated blood that you create will begin to heal and restore your muscles, joints and organs.
    • Over the next 10 days, your body will acclimatize to exercising in the heated room and you will be noticing great changes in your flexibility, ability to stretch out necks, arms, legs – and your whole attitude will just seem to lighten up several notches.
    • Friends and family start to notice that ‘yoga glow’ in your skin – without you saying a thing!
    • And remember – this is your journey, no one else’s – and if this is your first class, the postures may seem strange, and the heat may feel unbearable. Stick with it.

    Namaste,   (“Sanskrit for “The divine (or light) within me recognizes and honors the divine (or light) within you” )

    -Virginia Gallagher

    and the entire team at Hot Asana Yoga Studio & Boutique


    I started practicing yoga at Hot Asana Studio in March of 2011, 3 months after giving birth to my first child. I’ve always been an athletic person, competing in triathlons, weightlifting and rock climbing. In the year I have been practicing at Hot Asana, I have noticed significant changes to my body. My muscles are more elongated and I’m way more flexible now than I have ever been. My lower back pain and stiffness from working 12 hour nursing shifts has decreased tremendously. The past year has been such a rewarding journey discovering new ways of healing and strengthening not only my body but my mind as well. Yoga has supported me through many challenges and has taught me to find peace, balance and strength from within. I appreciate the depth of knowledge and commitment the Hot Asana teachers share with their students. They open my mind and heart, and I feel so calm and at peace after class. They have taught me so much not only about yoga, but about myself, about life and about the people around me. I have a deeper understanding of who I am and how I can be a better person. Hot Asana has such a great variety of classes for all levels anyone can join right in even if they’ve never been on a yoga mat before. The studio is beautiful, welcoming and has a wonderful sense of community. The non-competitive nature of the classes makes everyone feel comfortable. Hot Asana continuously challenges and motivates me, but most importantly it has taught me to live with more compassion for myself and for others. I don’t know where I’d be without yoga and Hot Asana-it has changed my life, and I am eternally grateful!! Thank you Hot Asana!!!! Amy Jo Rhodes

    My name is Cathie and I am soon to be 57 years old. I am married, my husband and I have 5 children between us and eight grandchildren. Ten years ago I lost about 70 pounds and rediscovered many physical abilities and did my first triathlon just short of my 50th birthday. I also became involved in an annual charity bike ride of 200 miles. It was about that time that some friends invited me to go with them to a hot yoga class because it was a great workout. It was my first exposure to yoga since I was an avid gym rat at that time. That first class was physically challenging since it was completely different from anything I had ever done. But even after that first class I felt something deeper that I could not identify and this feeling drove me to continue going to yoga classes. I was definitely hooked from the very start.
    I continued to attend yoga classes, although somewhat sporadically, since I was deeply into the triathlon scene, and training every summer for the 200 mile bike event. Several years ago I met Virginia and Paula in yoga class, both who were a significant influence and helped me to advance in my physical practice, and helped me to better understand the spiritual side of practice. I became very intrigued by all of it and began reading about yoga and attending classes as much as possible. As my knees began to fail from osteoarthritis I became unable to run, and did fewer triathlons. Practicing in a hot environment allowed me to continue to be active without pain from the knees. At this point I realized that my practice was beginning to change my life in a very positive manner.
    Last summer I felt like my practice was on the brink of something much bigger. I continued to read and study on my own. The things that I learned, unbeknown to me at the time would help save my life. I discovered a large lump on my breast which appeared very suddenly that turned out to be stage 3 breast cancer. I was very scared, bewildered and confused. Fortunately for me and my family I had my yoga practice to fall back on. After the initial shock, I was enabled by my practice to settle my mind and allow myself the peace of living in the present, one day at a time. Cancer will rock your world and bring you to terms with your universe. Yoga helped me to make a little more sense of my universe and accept my situation for what it is. Yoga helped me maintain a positive attitude despite the challenges involved with 20 weeks of chemotherapy, followed by surgery and radiation treatments. So much of surviving cancer depends on a positive attitude and accepting your mortality. Yoga also helps me not to worry about what the future may (or may not) bring. After all, all the worry in the world never changes anything. Yoga helps me take care of myself and my family.
    We are taught to get through a physically demanding class by using the breath. Through my practice I was able to breathe through cancer treatment. Lessons learned on my mat which helped me to get through a class also helped me through difficult times away from my mat. I believe that God gives cancer to people to help them realize that they are strong and the choice to live or succumb is entirely up to us and is deeply influenced by our attitudes, faith, and how one deals with stress.
    Today I am free of cancer. The future will bring whatever the future brings, and I will deal with it when I get there. In the meantime I enjoy every day as it comes, and deal with whatever happens when it happens. I have many things to be thankful for. I thank God for my life and family, and for showing me yoga. I thank all of the instructors and students of yoga for sharing their energy and knowledge with me. I thank science, medical, and surgical treatment, and all of the people who have been involved in my care.
    I continue to seek knowledge and wisdom from my practice. I have experienced a change In my life for which I am truly grateful. Namaste:)