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New Year’s Detox Weekend with Grace Morales

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Start Date: 04 January 2013

End Date: 06 January 2013

Time: 05:45pm

FRI 1/4 5:45-7:45pm FAT BURN FLOW – Only 1 space left!

A strong flow with an emphasis on twisting will kick off the weekend. The spiraling motion tones the kidneys, liver, gallbladder and spleen. Relives stiffness in the lower back and shoulders. This practice will get deep into the hips and hamstrings. Let the sweating begin. Sign Up Here!

SAT 1/5 1:30-3:30pm BURN BABY BURN * SOLD OUT * You can get on the wait list though.

The challenge will continue with an intensity flow series emphasizing the core. The core defined as all the muscles surrounding the spine. To understand and employ core stabilization in your practice will increases the metabolic rate, reduce lower back pain and steady your standing balance. Welcome to your waistline.  Sign Up Here for wait list!

SAT 1/5 7:30-9:30pm LSD * SOLD OUT * You can get on the wait list though.

Long Slow Deep. This is a practice made famous by Bryan Kest, my first teacher. All postures are on the floor, each posture is held for 5 minuets. Hurts so good! I call it my hip replacement.  Sign Up Here for wait list!

SUN 1/6 1:45-3:45pm  HOT26 * SOLD OUT * You can get on the wait list though.

Conclude the detox weekend in a heated room. Hot 26 is not twenty-six postures, it is the marathon of yoga, it is going the distance. This practice has a strong standing balance sequence that is sustained with focus on the breath, generating the cosmic energy of prana, the life force that provides strength, power and vitality.  Sign Up Here for wait list!